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This site was created by Dr. Alice Christie to share an exciting new approach to teaching and learning. Enabled by Web 2.0 tools, GoogleTreks™ allows teachers and students to synthesize information in one easy-to-use map that places text, pictures, audio files, video files, and much more in one central location. GoogleTreks™ Video.

Dr. Christie at Google Booth Demonstrating GoogleTreks™

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GoogleTreks™ is organized by subject matter and grade level. Over time, as educators such as yourself, add GoogleTreks to the site, users can find GoogleTreks in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, and other curricular areas. GoogleTreks are written for specific age groups: Primary, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Higher Education.




Please use the GoogleTreks™ Rubric to help you plan GoogleTreks before submitting them to this site for publication.

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